Expert Database

The International Bureau (IB) Expert Database contains the names of 5,200 experts from different specialised disciplines. By registering, the experts can make themselves available to carry out valuations if they wish. The IB can boast years of experience with the expert system and also carries out call management for national and transnational calls for tenders.

Screenshot Expert Database

The Expert Database is an online database on which experts from different specialised disciplines can register in order to make themselves available for national and transnational valuations of scientific draft projects.


More than 5,000 experts are registered on the online database.

Kreisdiagramm mit Anteilen der registrierten Experten

Figure 1: Registered experts by specialisms. Total: 5,242 Experts

We have successfully used this tool for call management many times. This makes the whole expert system with electronic allocation of experts to draft projects (so-called matching) easy to handle and standardised.

The keyword matching of experts is based on a three-level classification pattern (taxonomy). This enables us to ensure targeted matching of drafts and expert. The results of the matching then form the basis of the funding decision.


Figure 2: Tree structure - Extended LPSyS

Our specialised contacts ensure that our experts’ expertise is monitored.

We use targeted advertising measures such as “Call for experts”, presentations and mailings to expand our expert database.

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We observe current data protection provisions and use data for the specific purpose of a call evaluation and only with the expert’s approval.